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    For those who want to have an impact
    and not spend all day working


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Zenreader is an all in one tool that helps students develop lifelong learning skills whilst they get their assignments done.

With Zenreader a student can: complete assignments, create personal notes, prepare for exams, and develop valuable study skills.

By design, Zenreader lets students have fun and get better results in less time.

Reference manager

Add PDFs, webpages, notes and organise them with Zenreader’s reference manager.

Powerful Reader

The reader offers carefully tailored features making it easy to read documents, extract notes, snippets and jump to relevant information.

Knowledge Maps

Our powerful Outliner and concept editor allow you to organise knowledge, giving you a clear visual overview of complex topics.

Find anything

Our innovative algorithms facilitates a smart and efficient search throughout the documents uploaded to Zenreader.

Develop your skills

Double your reading speed with our PDF Speed Reader! Zenreader implements state-of-the-art learning techniques, enabling you to practice them as you work.

Automation where possible

We are building algorithms that allow Zenreader to summarise documents, suggest you sections/paragraphs to read, automatically generate maps of knowledge/information so that you can narrow down what is relevant to your project.

Key Zenreader components

Interconnected Knowledge

Our tools extract and help organise knowledge from documents immediately. You will never forget where information comes from.

Interface with Knowledge

Through innovative visualisation tools we are designing better ways for storing, organising and accessing knowledge.


As new information comes in, rapidly update the existsing knowledge structure.


We designed a suite of document analysis algorithms, capable of understanding document structure and classifying content.

Learning Skills

By integrating speed reading and memorisation techniques to our platform we have the objective of bringing these to the digital world.


Everything that we do is surrounded by rigorous research, conducted with academic partners and our customers.


Our vision is for human society to be made of happy, creative, problem-solving individuals, who have the ability and freedom to grow and discover their full potential.

Our mission is to figure out the best ways for people to develop their skills, unleash their full potential and live joyous lives, the way they want to live them.

Innovative Technology

We find innovative applications for emerging and enabling technologies (machine learning, natural language processing, virtual reality)

Research & Development

We work alongside academics, researching the best ways for people to work, learn and solve problems.

Bespoke Software Solutions

We develop software for impactful projects, where we can put our skills, expertise and existing technology to good use.

Our own products

We create our own products and services in domains where we feel we can make significant change and impact.

Get Involved

We want to work with ambitious people and organisations, to drive faster innovation.

What we are looking for

Beta Testers

Our beta testers will help us turn Zenreader into the most effective knowledge extraction tool available. In turn, we will offer discounts on the platform, after launch.

R & D Partnerships

We are looking for various partnership organisations:

  • Machine Learning experts, to work on our algorithms
  • Pedagogy experts, to contribute on learning skills developments

Our projects are extremely ambitious and we are looking for ambitious programmers who can join us.

How to get involved

Below are some options on how to get involved. All beta testers will receive discounts on Zenreader once we launch!

, thank you for signing up as a beta tester. You should receive an email shortly, if not, please contact team@leapian.com
We are signing you up, this may take a few seconds. If this is unsuccessful, please contact us at team@leapian.com
We are looking for various types of partners: technical, research or product development. Please get in touch with team @ leapian.com and let's see if there is scope to work together.